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At the age of 10 Aubrey saw the stage for the first time at the Cooleemee Fiddler's Convention, a bluegrass festival in North Carolina. With her guitar teacher prodding her to perform, she nervously took to the stage, still wearing the clay stained royal blue softball uniform from her game played hours before. As she stood before a crowd of listeners in her dirty knee-high socks and cleats, she tore into Wayfaring Stranger and instantly silenced any dismissal. Aubrey was there to see her teacher perform, but in an instant everyone was there to see her. Her timid and humble nature led her to leave the competition early, but at 11 o’clock the phone rang to tell her she had won. That night she lay in bed believing and dreaming of what was to come; that night she hung up the bat and glove for a guitar and a song.


Americana artist, Aubrey Shamel is a self produced singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN. Leading her exceptional instrumentation, her lilting and crystalline voice is reminiscent of Alison Krauss, while her story-telling lyrics are evocative of Brandi Carlile.  Her lyrics are the bed rock to the compositions.  Shamel’s melodies grab your attention but her stories ensure you stay captivated. Aubrey has collaborated and played with respected musicians and artists including John Ford Coley, Jim Rushing, Byron Hill and Ralph Murphy. Their guidance provide her the road map.


Living in Nashville is a humbling experience

An ego may arrive but it surely won’t survive

Until it dies I will never know perseverance

Until it dies I won’t find my deliverance

Only then can my love for music grow

Only then can I find the beginning

Opportunity would wait but it would never show

The journey would hide and deny it existing

Around the corner there is a tomorrow

I am grateful for the time I have to borrow

My heroes wisdom are oil to my gears

Propelling me forward, I look to them as mirrors

The inspiration to carry on here

The cut throat journey of a business inferior 


~ Connor Clark 



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